May 20

Keeping it exciting til the end

Today, I had my second to last Herceptin treatment… only one more to go. I know people who had to stop along the way because of the side effects. I had none. I was fine. Until today. Don’t ask me why, but today, it slayed me: nausea, wicked headache, all-over yuckiness and crazy muscle aches. Luckily, there is only one more.

I had planned to come home from treatment and list a bunch more stuff on the auction page, but alas, I couldn’t hold my head up. So I’ll have to double-down tomorrow and REALLY get to it. Might have to skip the French translations…. In the mean time, take a look at the 135 items we have listed already by clicking here.

Let me point out a few of my favorites:

The Amy Fish Experience…. Get tips on resolving real life complaints or be featured on her blog!

A hotel night in Montreal – perfect to come for a visit or for a stay-cation away from your kids!

Tickets to the Als! Amazing tickets in the reds to see either game 3 or game 4!

Wine is a popular theme…. I know, no one is surprised!


Lots more coming this week. Don’t forget, it goes live this Sunday at 10 am. What we need now are BIDDERS! Winning bids get a tax receipt from the endcancer.ca website. Please help us share our auction!