May 10

A Crafter’s analysis of a boob-job

I just took my first really long shower after surgery. You know the one, with the 10 min deep conditioning and ‘I’m going somewhere fancy’ shaving job? While I was waiting for the conditioner to work it’s magic and shaving my armpits, I noticed a black dot high up on the side of my boob. I looked on the other side, identical one, same location. Then I looked under my boobs at the ‘crease’ the surgeon talked about and I noticed it was in fact a neat row of tiny stitches….. So basically, I deconstructed my boob job: it’s like making dimples in a cloth-doll’s head, or tufting a pillow, or a row of quilting stitches that give dimension but can’t been seen….. I think I’ve located all the stitches and now I have the perfect 3D understanding of just ‘how’ my implants have been tucked in there. This is what happens when you give a crafter 10 min to think….


Meanwhile, the reason for the deep conditioning: I HATE MY HAIR! I know, you all think it looks cute and it suits me. I hear you. I get that it ‘looks’ good. I still hate it with the passion of a thousand suns. It was one year ago today that i chopped it off and posted this picture to a select few friends:

Photo 5-10-2014, 8 53 13 AM


Now I find myself in the same situation: it’s so frigging poofy!!!!! I have very thick hair, and I would need to have it textured and thinned. But I did that 6 weeks ago and basically, instead of getting longer, it’s just getting thicker. All the short ones are growing back in and making it poofy. So I have to leave it alone and just let it grow. I absolutely hate it.

On a completely unrelated note with no segway, It feels very weird to dress up in a fancy dress with no bra. For the last year, I’ve worn tank-tops under everything. I don’t need a bra: no support needed, no nipples to hide. On the few occasions I’ve had to wear a fancy dress though, I feel very naked underneath. This morning I’m wearing a dress to go to a Bar Mitzvah and it feels so wrong to have the dress against my skin. It’s a very conservative high neckline, this is totally not an issue of covering up. It’s just that feeling of the dress against my skin. Wearing a cotton tank-top underneath feels even weirder, so I x-nayed that option. The only bra I own post-mastectomy is a heavy sports bra, so that won’t work either. I guess I’ll have to invest in some fancy camis! (I know I can get an A-cup bra, it’s just so pointless)

You have now been brought up to date on my boobs, my hair and my bra situation. Next post will be all about the auction!

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  1. Catherine

    Losing the hair iishard, and then growing it out is awkward as anything. I hope it smartens up and starts going long for you.

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