May 07

just like pulling off a bandaid

If this is your first visit here, after reading my post about my mother on Cure Diva, Welcome! I hope you enjoy my little corner of the interwebs. Maybe start with My Most Popular Posts or the Photo Gallery (topless pictures! you’ve been warned!)

I went to see Dr. Movie Star today for my one-week check up. He took off the sticky bandages that were covering my boobs. It didn’t hurt, just pulled, like when you rip off a bandaid. A very large, very sticky bandaid over your delicate new boobs. But still, it wasn’t too bad.

You would think the first thing I would have done would be to come home and look at them. Except it’s past 7 pm and I still haven’t looked in a mirror. This time, I’m not scared to look, like after the mastectomy. I just haven’t had time. My friend M, who came with me, got to see them. That poor girl, she’s always with me for the naked-boobs appointments (she was there for the drain removals!)

When I look down, I can see they are bruised, yellow and blue. There are still steri-strips over the incisions. He told me it would be about 6 weeks before everything settles and looks normal. Here is the thing: I really don’t care. I don’t care what they look like. The pain of the expanders is gone and I am less disfigured than I was before. That’s it. I’m good with that.

So we went to Staples and bought ink for my printer, which I then spent a frustrating 2.5 hours trying to hook up (somewhere Dee is laughing her ass off because the store printer is now taunting me at home). Afterwards I worked for an hour adding more listings to the upcoming auction. check it out!

So instead of looking at my boobs in the mirror, I was productive. There will be a shower later, and probably I’ll finally get to see. It’s just so not a priority.