Apr 23

a small 2 week break, hopefully

I know, I am the worst cancer-blogger ever….. It turns out closing my business was more damaging to my psyche than cancer ever was. Not gonna lie, it’s not been pretty…. I even smashed a laptop with a hammer today, just for shits and giggles, because it felt like a good way to channel all my bitterness and anger. And it was a really crappy computer… Anyhow, I started my day at pre-op. I went to pre-op last year too, at the time, I described it as travelling back in time because the process was so analog and dated. Well, nothing has changed since last year, I still showed my medicare and hospital cards 10 times, though since it’s day-surgery this time I got to skip the pharmacist, the nurse and the ‘how will you pay for your private room?’ inquiry. The BEST part of today though is that I was given a 2-week break from Tamoxifen. Stop taking it one week before surgery (ie tomorrow) and resume 1 week after. Something about decreasing chances of blood clots… Whatever the reason, I’m very curious to see what happens to the hot flashes when I’m on a 2-week break. In non-cancer related business, now that I am unemployed, I am full-on working on the auction. If you have made anything or would like to donate anything, now is the time. Let me know so I can plan to list it. The upstairs bedroom as morphed into a warehouse again and I’ll be setting up my camera tomorrow to start listing all the AWESOME items we’ve accumulated. Also, I’m unemployed. So if you can think of anything you’d like to hire me and my awesome skills for….


  1. Nance

    Congrats on the break from the Tamoxifen. I hope that would be beneficial to you.

    I am so sorry that closing down the store has been so difficult. I’m not going to be patronizing and say crap like it was the right thing to do, or crap like that. The thing is, you will need to work through the emotions of it. Good for smashing the computer. That helps to channel energy that way.

    Good luck with the auction. I have a few things, but I don’t know if you want them. Email me if you do

  2. Anna in Turin

    Sending big hugs your way V…btw you get operated on European Labour Day May 1st…of course I work that day but will check up on you to make sure everything is going as it should be.

  3. Meg

    Wow…….I kind of wish you recorded smashing the computer. Or that someone else did. But I get it was spur of the moment and all organic and stuff. I’m sorry about closing the business being hard- I can’t even imagine what you are going through. You don’t have a full plate you have the whole damn buffet table. Prayers headed your way.

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