Apr 16


That’s what I’ve been doing.

Closing the store has been exhausting and cathartic and sad and freeing all in one.

There are so many days I wanted to write, but I couldn’t find the brain cells to string letters together to form words. My brain cells have been concentrating on cleaning up 13 years of work-accumulated props and window displays and deciding what price to sell them off at. Part of me wanted to keep everything, just in case, you never know, might find another use for it.

But the I came to the conclusion: I made those things once, if I ever need them again, I can make them again. And next time they’ll be even better. So 4$, 2$, 1$, it’s all going.


This means I have done ZERO work on the auction. But don’t worry, it’s going to happen! My house is already full with the stuff that I personally have gathered, along with one particularly hard-working team-member who has been dropping off LOTS of goodies. I know the others are also gathering. You guys are going to be blown away by the stuff we gathered this year.


I wanted to make one change to a previous post. If you hand-made anything and are sending it to me, you now need to send it TO MY HOUSE because, well, the store is closing this Saturday at 5pm. If you need my address, just email me or leave a comment.

I just have to get to 5 pm on Saturday, and then it’s full on auction mode!

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  1. Anna in Turin

    Hi V, You can send your home address to my email addy or by message of FB (see my last FB message).

    take care, hugs hugs hugs

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