Mar 25

Deflated and it feels so good

Well, kind of good.


It was a bit of a run-around (ok, a LOT of a run-around) but this morning, I saw the old plastic surgeon at 8 am and by 8:35, I was 200cc lighter than when I got there, 100cc removed on each side. He didn’t do it himself, he used this as a teaching opportunity for a very frightened medical student (possibly a resident, who knows, she was so nervous she didn’t introduce herself!). He took out his little magnet, drew circles on my boobs, stuck 2 needles in and left her to do the suctioning. She was so afraid she was going to hurt me, and I just wanted her to please go as fast as she could!

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t get the immediate relief I was hoping for. But the feeling like I am going to throw up in my mouth did go away, so that was REALLY good. He told me it will take a day or two for things to settle and the ribs to start releasing back. At least I stopped wincing when I touch my chest. Progress!




  1. Anna in Turin

    V, I’m glad you finally got this sorted out….hope you will let us know how the next days go.

    BTW, I’m still working on some auction stuff to send you…will email you pix once I have the loot.

  2. Liz

    I’m glad it happened reasonably fast, or at least sooner than you had been thinking. I hope it is feeling a lot better very soon.

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