Mar 13

Auction: we have dates!

Mother nature did her best last night to keep Team Outrunning the Cloud from gathering and making plans. But half the team and some of our most harden supporters (aka the wine-drinkers) did show up, and auction business was attended to.

The auction will take place from May 25th to the 29th.
The auction URL isĀ http://www.32auctions.com/outrunningthecloud2014

This should give everyone plenty of time to gather items. We are hoping to get many of the crafters and makers out there to send us something to auction off. We are also looking for gift certificates, show tickets, etc. Anything that we can auction off to raise money for our team fundraising for The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

If you would like to donate something, you can of course email me and let me know. To simplify things a bit, we will be asking for donations to be shipped to my store this year, to ensure someone is always there to receive the packages (I spent way too much time driving to the post office last year!). You can send items to

Mortimer Snodgrass
56 Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, Qc H2Y 1S6

EDITED: THE STORE HAS CLOSED. Please email me or comment to get my home address to mail things.

Obviously to make our lives easier, the sooner we get the items, the easier it will be to photograph them and list them, but we will accept items until the last minute, Friday May 23rd. Unfortunately we will not be able to list items that arrive after that day.

We would also welcome any help getting the word out to find bidders. Any bloggers/writers/reporters that would like to write about us, share the link to our auction, etc, we would REALLY appreciate it.


PS: just wanted to add a new for new readers that the Weekend is NOT affiliated with Komen in any way. All funds go to the JGH, the hospital where I am treated. They have a fabulous cancer center and great researchers.