Mar 05

It freaks me out, every time

By now you all know my face is everywhere. I mean, EVERYwhere. I took SQ to buy a snack yesterday on the way to rehearsal, there I was, at the cash. Drop her off and drive home, oh, hey, that’s me on the corner on the giant bus stop.

This morning, I attended a team captain brain storming session at the hospital. Yes, I willingly went to the hospital on a day I didn’t have any appointments! Anyhow, as I was waiting for the meeting to start

(sidebar: I love my peeps at the Weekend. But if you are going to invite me to an 8 am meeting, I need coffee and a stale danish. At least)

As I was saying…. as I was waiting for the meeting to start, one of the lovely ladies from the Foundation rolled up a trolley…..

2014-03-05 07.47.28


It’s like I’m a Minion from Despicable Me! How many of me are there?????

Since they were kind enough to validate parking, I popped in to visit Dr. Movie Star’s secretary, who gave me a possible tentative surgery date. It’s not as soon as I hoped, but it also doesn’t totally suck. I should know for sure on Friday. When he stabs me with needles and shoots more saline into my boobs.