Jul 04

12 weeks

Tomorrow, the next treatment phase starts: Taxol. At some point, I was mis-informed or mis-understood the protocol: I was expecting 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 12 treatments over 16 weeks. Somehow, that one week off was giving me a little hope, a tiny perk to look forward to. I had thought of heading down to NYC or Jersey for a couple of days, with or without the family, just a little break from the monotony of doing nothing.

But it turns out its 12 weeks. Straight up. Technically 12.5 weeks because my first one is tomorrow, Friday, then I switch to Mondays in 9 days. Every frigging Monday this summer. The good thing is that I will likely be sickest-weakest on weekdays and feel good on weekends, so there is that.

But the girls are gone for a month, friends are leaving for vacations/cottage country, it’s going to be a very long, very quiet month.

The chemo is hard on your body. It’s also very hard on your spirits.