Feb 27

Millimeters and Milliliters

Progress is slow, but measurable. In tiny tiny increments.

My hair has grown a tiny little bit and my boobs are being inflated at the rate of 50cc a week. 50 cc is just over 3 tablespoons, it’s really not a lot, yet I find it extremely uncomfortable for about 3 days, so 1 day per tablespoon?

The Tamoxifen hasn’t caused any major changes in the hot flashes situation. It does however cause me a major daily headache. Like nausea-inducing headache. On the plus side, I feel so nauseous at dinner time I can’t eat dinner, so maybe I’ll finally make a dent in those chemo-pounds I added!

The one thing that has not made progress is my toenails. This is not really discussed much, but Taxol can make you lose your finger and toe nails. My hands stayed fine, though my nails break just by looking them. But I lost 4 toenails, 2 in August and 2 much much later, I think in December. One has grown back, but I’m still 3 short. I really hope the come back before sandal season. Can one get fake toe-nails?

Progress is also measured in hours. In January, I was able to go to work about 3 hours at a time, only a couple of days a week. But now I’m able to do short consecutive days without falling into a heap on the floor. I still go to bed at 8 pm though, so most nights, the kids tuck me in!

Here is a picture of my hair earlier this week, along with my Herceptin-buddy, who was on school break and got stuck coming with me. She’s such a good kid, she handed out blankets and pillow cases to the other chemo patients and made small talk with the nurses and volunteers.



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  1. Deconome

    You look very good actually ! J’espère que tout cela sera derrière toi très vite. Bon courage. Stéphanie

  2. Nance

    You look very awesome there! And your buddy is very cheerful!

  3. Liz

    lovely picture. It is interesting to consider the ways life is measured… a year from now, I wonder what your measures will be?

  4. Anna in Turin

    You look better and better with each new photo you post…Your hair! It’s grown in red/auburn?? Your helper is to cute for words!

  5. Steph

    Your hair looks great! Your Herceptin-buddy is adorable. Hope you are feeling better soon. I had really bad headaches a few months ago (that led me to get an MRI) and they are almost completely gone now. So hopefully your body will adjust soon. xo

  6. emily

    Boo toenails! I’m sorry they’re giving you trouble.
    I didn’t realize your daughters are from China! Three of my sisters are too. :) You two look adorable together. xoxoxo

  7. Catherine

    The hair looks lovely :) As do you and your daughter.

  8. Connie

    I am like you and have always been a long hair girl. Every time I see a photo of you with this cute short hair I’m tempted to cut mine off for the first time ever. I am going to be 54 in a couple weeks and I haven’t had hair shorter than just below the chin since 2nd grade and that was my mothers doing not mine. Hmmmmmm. I fear that I don’t have your gorgeous face so I might be very much disappointed. I know you want you hair back and I hope it grows back quickly for you, but girl you are rocking that short hair!!!

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