Feb 17

To your needles! To your glue guns!



This ‘Sad Bear’ is the first official project I’m working on for this year’s OutRunning The Cloud fundraising auction.

We are just about at the official 3-month mark until the auction, so I thought today would be a good day to remind all crafty-people that it might be time to start working. Not that crafty people are procrastinators… ahem! But it’s always better to start early!

If you are new to this blog, which I know quite a few people are, this is the story: I walk in The Weekend To End Women’s Cancers. This will be my 6th year. It’s getting harder and harder to ask people to sponsor me. So last year, while I was sitting in the Blue Chair of Cancer-recovery, pondering how I was going to pass the time during treatment, I had this idea to make things and sell them. It all started with a F*#@ Cancer hat. From that one hat, my team worked together to gather as many hand-made, and then non-hand-made items as we could and we raised close to 8000$ for our team fundraising.

We are going to do it again this year. It’s a win-win-win for everyone: people everywhere can donate an item, we sell it to the highest bidder, who then pays for their item directly on our fundraising pages and gets the tax deduction.

So, with 3 months ahead, I’m asking you all to dig deep and start making things. The items from last year are all still visible so you can get an idea what sold well. Hand-knits, hand-made items were very popular. There are lots of other opportunities if you are not crafty: make-up packages, tickets to shows, restaurant gift certificates. But I’m using today as chance to give crafters the time to make things. I will be using the hashtag #outrunningthecloud and #breastcancerauction on Social Media, so if you participate, please Tweet and Instagram your progress using these hashtags.

And if you are not crafty at all, the best way to help is to pass the word. We need makers AND buyers!


  1. Jenny, Bloggess

    Love your sad bear.

    FYI…your donate button just takes you to a dead end so I can’t donate.

  2. outrunningthecloud

    OMG! Of all people to point out my link is broken… Jenny The Bloggess herself! I am hanging my head in internet shame!!!! but the button is fixed! And Jenny, you even commenting on here is the best donation every! your signed book was a big hit last year. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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