Feb 14

Hospital Love

Back in November when I ended up in the ER to diagnose a bulging disc (and not a tumour), I met one of the nicest people ever. She is a transport orderly at the hospital and she pushed me around the ER, took me to my scans and X-rays and was just over all one of the sweetest people ever.

Since November, I see her all the time in the secret sitting spot between the parking lot and the main building. We always say hi, she always has a big smile for me. I go to the hospital a lot, so I see her a lot.

Today is Valentine’s day and I had a special date to get my boobs painfully inflated by Dr. Movie Star. On my way in, I saw her and we said hi and I commented on her cute heart-shaped lollipop sticking out of her scrub pockets. An hour later, after the needle boob stabbing, we ran into each other again. This time she asked me ‘are you the one in the posters?’. Yes, it’s me.

She gave me the warmest hug ever and handed me her heart-shaped lollipop. I gave her my card with the blog URL. I hope she gets to read this one day: you are a fabulous person,you put a smile on my face every time I see you and take you so much for the sweet gesture.


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  1. Helen Stranzl

    Virginia, I think your a wonderful person and thank you so much for your kind words.

    It’s funny how the hospital is meant to serve the patients, and yet, there are patients, like yourself, who end up
    giving so much more in return, with your smile, your courage, and sense of humor.

    It’s under the worst condition to have met you, yet I don’t know any other teacher who could have provided me with so much inspiration, education (I’ve read a lot of your blogs) and humility.

    Thank you,

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