Jul 10

Hair-y days

I don’t like wearing the wig. It’s too damn hot and itchy. Isn’t that ironic, after all this time I spent agonizing over GETTING the wig in the first place? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and it’s so friggin hot.

Meanwhile, now that AC is over, some hair is starting to grow back. Tiny baby fuzz mixed with really harsh stubble. The top of my head is like velcro. But it’s not going to stay, because as soon as Taxol takes over my body, it’s gonna fall out, AGAIN. 

I think about my hair all the time. I figure it will take at least 3 years to get *MY* hair back. For 3 more years, I will not feel like myself. Frankly, I don’t think I will EVER feel like myself again. A new self, maybe. But the old me is gone. Cancer has wiped me out of my own body. It’s a very dramatic thing to say, but that it what it feels like. 

Meanwhile, this article really resonated with me today: