Jan 29

A movie everyone MUST see


A few months back, I spotted a preview for a cancer documentary in my FB feed…

What the F-@# is Cancer and Why does everybody have it?

(as usual, I cannot figure out how to embed a video. Someone should revoke my internet licence)

I preordered the movie on iTunes and waited til it became available, which it did a couple of weeks ago. Then I just let it stay in my computer, because somehow, it frightened me. I was scared to watch it. I don’t know why.

Last night, I pressed play. Am I glad I did. Allison W. Gryphon is a gifted film-maker and a cancer super-hero. the way she presents the realities of cancer is simple and to the point. When she says ‘Brave feels pretty lonely’, it hits me in the gut. I know exactly what she means. I wish more people understood that.

Full Disclosure, there is one part that I didn’t love. The emphasis on the training and working out. In an ideal world, it would be fabulous for all cancer patients to be fit and exercising. But she was coming it at it from a 6-day-per-week boot-camp-pilates angle, down to 3 days during treatment (which was every 3 weeks, 6 times). I personally was NOWHERE near that regimen before cancer, and I had condensed-intensive chemo. So that part of the movie irked me because it made me feel like I didn’t try hard enough. I don’t think that was her intention. Also, did you see her body? KILLER. So there, the one part I didn’t love. Otherwise LOVED the movie.

So I urge you, go on iTunes right now, spend the 10$ and watch this movie. It will make you a better friend, a better co-worker, a better cousin, a better neighbour, a better cancer-supporter for the next person in your life that is touched by cancer. Why? Because you will understand more.