Jan 28

Setting the dial to Medium

I had a goal of going back to work in January. I know some amazing people manage to keep working through treatment, for me, that wasn’t what I wanted. I am very fortunate to have the flexibility and I just walked away from my job. I also read from multiple bloggers/forum members that going back to work after treatment is sometimes hard: you want to be there, you are able to be there, and then, poof, you are so tired, you just can’t do it anymore.

I made a plan that would take my limitations into consideration: no consecutive days, no long full days, no lifting or working too hard with my arms. Yesterday, however, the stars misaligned and I ended up working a full 8 hours. Retail. On the store floor. Including washing those floors. Ugh. By 3:30 I needed a nap. By 5 I was only standing because the floor-polishing machine was keeping me upright.

I came home so tired, I went to bed before the kids did.

I was a good reminder. I look good. I feel pretty good. But there is still a BIG limitation to what I can actually accomplish in a day. It’s fine to go to work, but probably not for 8 hours. And if it *has to be* 8 hours out of necessity, then I should skip the floor cleaning.

Limits. I need to set some. I’m not very good at it.

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  1. Liz

    Skipping the floor cleaning might in fact be a great idea, next time.

    The good thing is this: you can see that. You recognize it, and you are so amazingly adaptable and resilient. You have been that way through every bit of this: you learn and adapt and keep moving.

    You are impressive. I’m trying not to gush or be mushy, but it’s what I see.

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