Jan 13

I’ve become ‘That Girl’

I remember going to chemo over the summer and seeing ‘That Girl’. Woman really, though in a crowd of 60+ y.o., the 40 y.o.s tend to look very young. Anyhow, ‘That Girl’ was the one who’s short spiky hair was growing in, who’s face wasn’t green, who didn’t come with a friend because she clearly was feeling a lot better than the rest of us. She would chat with the sicker looking people, sometimes giving advice. Her appointments always seemed so much quicker than mine, she was always in and out before I even got a chair.

Today, I was ‘That Girl’. I’m not trying to sound smug.

I had herceptin treatment, I went in early after doing school drop off. No blood test, no doctor, just plug and infuse. I was in the waiting room, looking around, and I didn’t know a single face. All new patients. then I recognized one person, someone’s mom. We chatted for a bit. A new patient sitting on the other side looked bewildered and lost, so I helped her find the nurse’s station. When she was worried they forgot to call her, I reassured her it was a normal waiting time but showed her how to check if she wasn’t sure.

Then they called my name. I got a chair, got my treatment and was done 45 min later. Not before going back to check on the lady in the waiting room. When I left, I realised, I had now become her very own ‘That Girl’


  1. Catherine

    You might be that girl (which is great in a way), but I reckon you are also a bit of a hero to the lady who felt so unsure. :)

  2. Nance

    Awesome ways to help

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