Jan 06

Critical Decision Time

While I wait for the CT scan department to call me and tell me if I can indeed have boobs made from my saggy stomach, why don’t we address a more serious matter: What should I do with my hair???


The color is so… mousey. Like a non-color. But do I really want to start dying short hair? The roots will show so fast, and it’s virgin/unprocessed hair…

I do think I have to have the back trimmed because it’s getting a little too mullet-like for my taste.

In other non-cancer news, I am planning on going to work 2 days this week…. let’s see how that goes!



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  1. Alisa

    I love short hair on you. And the colour doesn’t look mousey on my screen.

  2. Nance

    Are the highlights real or a camera flash thing? If real, I like it, but if the color is more like around your ears, then I would go for the color. Stupid cancer question? Is there a problem with dying virgin hair? I mean I have just dyed my kid’s hair, but she’s had that hair for 11 years. This stuff is newer. Will it cause problems?

    Good luck with work. Remember to take breaks if you need and to work if you feel good! :)

  3. Nadine

    When growing out short hair you gotta shape it, mullets are never good. There is no reason not to look hot as it grows out. As for color why not do high/ low lights this way roots are not noticeable and you don’t look in the mirror thinking about how mousey the color looks (not that I think it looks mousey but really what we think about the color doesn’t matter when you look in the mirror). A full color would be a pain to maintain.

  4. Jennye

    I have no input on hair color questions because anything you do will be better than what I suggest. But I concur: Mullet bad, shaping good. I kind of like the reddish tones you have going. Maybe more of that?

  5. Facing Cancer Together

    Just being in the sunshine was enough to colour my hair blind when it first grew back. Though that didn’t last. :) We have some useful colouring tips in our forum thread. I’ll link it into my name for you.

  6. Brittany

    Maybe try a chunky bold peekaboo highlight under the bangs? It would break up the color and add a visual pop, but roots would be hidden as they grow out, so no commitment to maintain. My natural color is very similar to yours, and I’ve also found that using a tiny dab of high shine pomade (MOP and Redken are both awesome) makes it look less flat. Good luck!

  7. Nica

    That kind of short hair suits you. I agree, its quiet awkward when the hair on your nape is long since you have this short hair. Maintaining it would be okay.

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