Dec 30

So long, Farewell, 2013

There are so many things I could say about 2013. The year I lost my boobs and my hair. The year of chemo and radiation. The year of not working.

It’s also: The year I managed to run a 5k and walk 60 kms while on chemo. The year my kids learned to do so many grown-up things so they didn’t have to ask me. The year I met Lainey and Molly Ringwald while being bald. The year I took topless pictures and tons of bald selfies. The year I managed to wear cute clothes even on days when I wanted to puke my guts out.

The year my friends rallied around me and carried me through.

I’m not making resolutions for 2014. I have no wishes. I know I’ve got a ton of doctor’s appointments and pills and infusions. I know I’ll have at least one, if not two major surgeries. I also know that no matter what, at the end of 2014, I’ll probably be able to look back like now and see all the smiles, through it all.

Goodbye 2013. Don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out. But thanks for the smiles we managed through it all


  1. Nance


  2. Catherine

    Hi, I’m new to your blog so I’ll just say this – Happy NEW YEAR. I hope it brings you some relief from the treatments as you move forward.

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