Dec 28

Almost Normal



Yesterday, I skied for 90 minutes. The girls were so excited. So was I. I took it easy. I have nothing to prove to anyone. A couple of runs on each chairlifts with the kids, then back in before I got tired.

The new skin where the burn was is VERY sensitive to the cold. So in the middle of a hot flash, inside my ski suit, I was sweating on one side and freezing on the the other. I think I used the armpit vents on my jacket for the first time ever.

By the time I went to bed though, my legs were jelly. I really need to build my strength and stamina back. So today i’m vegging again. But tomorrow, I’ll try to do 3 runs per chairlift!


  1. Mary S

    Hey Virginia,

    Wow! That sounds great. Good for you….and thank you. I am sitting here, in a some pain and discomfort, and admittedly feeling pissy because the burns on my neck and chest are really red and stinging and uncomfortable…but you just gave me a ray of hope to hang on to that it will get better in the next couple of weeks and that this is only temporary. I just have to be patient. There is life after Flamazine.

    Thank you…and Merry Christmas! Have a blast with your girls.

    1. outrunningthecloud

      yes Mary, it does get better! when the skin ‘broke’ was the worst. Then the 2 weeks on Flamazine + the dressing, OMG I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything! wearing that wrapping was so unbearable. but I was super diligent, changed it as often as they said, kept it clean and dry and here I am, less than a month later, skiing!

      I’m not going to lie: it’s still itchy as all heck! the new skin is super hyper sensitive and I still have to slather on the cream 4 times per day. but I can wear normal clothes without feeling like ripping them off! That was my biggest worry about skiing: wearing the clothes over my armpit area (which was burnt the worst).

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