Dec 23

Hiccups, bumps and other sundries

Over the weekend, I read this post about post-cancer challenges.

I’ve been having a couple of milestones: I went for a mani-pedi AND a movie in the last 2 days. Yet, there are still plenty of little challenges. Here, in no particular order, are my hiccups and bumps:

  • Post-chemo bone pain. This is very hard to describe. At first I thought it was real. But it is. and it’s quite painful.
  • Attention span: I’ve been trying to read Nightfilm. It’s supposed to be really good. I can’t get past the first 3 pages. I’ve read them at least 24 times. It’s not the book, it’s me. I can’t *understand* what it says.
  • Seeing the whole movie (hunger games) was a big step. I can’t really watch an entire movie. I give up halfway through and have to watch in 2 sittings.
  • I get confused a lot. I was watching Hostages and wondering why Olivia Pope wasn’t in this episode. The fact that they are both set in DC merged them into on in my brain.
  • I can now remember 3 items on a list for a few hours. Not more than 3 and not more than a couple of hours. But I told myself I needed eggs, OJ and cheese. I brought home all 3 and it didn’t involved e-reminders.
  • speaking of cheese, this is probably the WORST NEWS you will ever read…. It seems, though I have tried avoiding this and can hardly bring myself to admit it: I can no longer digest cheese. The horror.

Since we are heading into the holidays, I’ll be posting, but only lightly. We will be cocooning, wearing our onesies and playing pingpong while watching movies on the VHS. Our cottage is a time-travel to 1983.

I’d like to open the floor to questions. We always have fun when we interact. So if there is anything, and I mean anything, you want to ask, are curious about, then ask in the comments and I’ll answer over the holidays!


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  1. Nance

    Congrats on the movie! It was really good, no?
    And I would give yourself some time on the cheese. Maybe once your body is healed a bit more from the radiation, you can tolerate cheese.

    I’ll ask the first question: Post chemo bone pain. Everywhere? Only certain places? Does the broken bones (and now healed) hurt more? I’ve never heard of this pain. I want to wrap you and a soothing layer of pain killers

  2. Meg

    Ok, you said anything! I’m curious if you elect to not do reconstruction and you get a ridiculously awesome tattoo instead- can you go to the beach with just the bottoms of your suit on or will you still have to wear a top? Weird, I know……….enjoy your time at the cottage

  3. Jennifer

    Night Film isn’t an easy read. Though I really liked it, it wasn’t something I could gobble up in a few sittings. It’s not the hardest book in the world, but honestly, I had to re-read a few pages more than once. I’m reading Longbourn next. It seems like it will be a nice brain break.

  4. Anna in Turin

    You said we could ask anything: when do you have to make a decision about reconstruction and how long will it take for recovery? Am I right that you have three options now ? …1… do nothing and get an awesome tattoo instead – —- 2. breast implants – or 3…..reconstruction using skin grafts ? My girlfriend did this last one and her recovery took a longer than my colleague who had opted for implants.

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