Dec 16

Me and my big mouth

There I was, Saturday night, on the news:
CTV News

click here if you can’t see the video because I’m too dumb to figure out embedding

Why? Why do I tell my embarrassing stories for the world to see?

Because if you are up at 3 am facing a cancer diagnosis and googling, I want you to find me. I want you to know that it’s ok to wonder what it’s going to feel like to lose your hair: it hurts. The day before it starts to fall out, you will know, because your hair will hair.

I want you to find me if you are wondering if it’s normal to have bouts of constipation and diarrhea one after the other. ¬†Yes, it’s normal. Chemo is hard on your entire body, including your digestive system. And the pain meds can make it worst. You are not crazy.

I want you to find me if you feel like punching the next person that tells you ‘you look great!’ but you hear ‘for a cancer patient’ in your head. Yes, I too wanted to punch all the people. Because I didn’t think I looked great and I didn’t want to hear that.


I also tell my story for the others. The people who have somehow been spared watching a close friend or family member go through cancer. You see, before I had cancer, I had a lot of experience: my childhood BFF’s mom passed away for breast cancer after fighting for over a decade, my mom passed away after a 5 year fight, my friend passed away from lung cancer. I knew the face of cancer very very well. There are lots of things I was already prepared for. I had an unfair advantage.

So I think it’s important for me to talk about these things, to help ‘raise awareness’ not of cancer itself, but of living with cancer, living through treatment, and now, living AFTER.

That’s why I do it.

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  1. Doris

    And thanks for doing it. It helps me to understand more.

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