Jul 18

Cancer is the pregnancy I never had

I’ve never been pregnant. My 2 fabulous daughters are adopted. Lately though, as I chronicle the daily and mundane of living through treatment, I realize this is the closest I’ve ever come to pregnancy. Allow me to explain:

  • nausea and fatigue in the first 2 months
  • weird food cravings: to combat the metal taste, I’ve been putting hot sauce on EVERYTHING. plus pickles. I’m eating a lot of pickles
  • weight gain (seriously. that was supposed to be the silver lining of cancer – losing weight. not me!)
  • Months off work – it’s like mat-leave, minus the mommy-and-me groups!
  • people rubbing my head (instead of my belly)
  • endless doctor’s appointments

so, can I get a baby when this is over?