Dec 10

29/30 – I’ll be 29 forever!

There will be no 30. I was a model deep-breather. I am done. Here is my last morning, in pictures, because it had time to play around while waiting to be iced like a cake and wrapped like a mummie.








and then I came home and heard this was online.… a Big HUGE thank you to Lainey for being my virtual cheerleader since day 1. It’s a date! I’ll see you in April!


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  1. Nance

    WHOOHOO! YIPPIE! CONGRATS! Love the armwarmers!

  2. Susan

    Great news! I am SO happy for you. Now on to regular programming?

    1. outrunningthecloud

      if by regular programming you mean herceptin every 3 weeks, the CLSC Mon/Wed/Fri until the skin is heeled and Tamoxifen, then yes, regular programming! not sure how much skiing I’ll do over the holidays, what with being wrapped like a mummie….

  3. Kristen

    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  4. Meg

    Congrats on this part being done………I hope the next evolution of this is kind to you. Love the arm warmers…….I’m a hooker- which I love but some things just look better knit.

  5. Angela

    I have tears in my eyes. So so happy for you. 29 forever, indeed.

  6. Steph

    CONGRATS! And now I really wish I had some Nutella…

  7. Sara

    So happy to be reading this, congratulations Virginia!! And the arm warmers are genius!

  8. Debbie in the UK

    I am simply so delighted for you !! Well done V, you are an inspiration to all and a marvellous woman x

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