Dec 09

28/30 – Going out with a bang!

Second to last radiation. Got there a little early because of the snow, so ended up chatting in the waiting room with the other patients. They are a nice bunch, the people who replaced Rusty. Pantless-men sit much straighter and don’t show you their business when their wives are with them! One of them is a knitter, we’ve been chatting it up the last week and a half.

My turn in the machine, everything fine, and then, quietly, Robin Hood walks over and tells me the machine just broke. I swear it wasn’t me!!! They covered me up but I stayed put while the IT guy came in and opened a huge door behind my head and checked out the machine. While I was waiting, I was wondering, since he’s able to fix giant radiation machines, do you think his brother-in-law calls him every time there is a virus on his PC or he needs his Apple TV hooked up? #thingsyouthinkabouttopassthetime

Turns out a part had to be changed, so they thankfully let me come down from the bed and go back to the waiting room. The IT guy did whatever needed to be done, I finished knitting my arm warmers (more about that tomorrow). 30 min later, I was back in, session was back on. Then I went to see the nurse. She asked me if it was waking me up at night. Yes. Does it itch? All the time. Does it bother you? F($(($ yeah. Ok, we are going to step thing up a couple of notches. I believe I officially now qualify as extra-crispy.

she started out with this:


added a thick layer of cream and a big-mesh thingy and I come home looking like this:


I’m all wrapped up like a christmas ham. Which is extra ironic, no?


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  1. Sarah in Ottawa

    And speaking of going out with a bang, I just saw your smutty shout out from Lainey! Thinking of you, V. Good luck today.

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