Dec 04

25/30 – Just rip it off!

I started my day off in pjs, knitting and sipping tea. I canceled all my plans, because I have been feeling mega crappy all week. Fatigue and tired in NOT the same. When you have radiation fatigue, you can wake up from an 8 hour sleep and feel like you need a nap. I’m also very nauseous these days. Apparently that can happen with some types of radiation. Or I’m just nauseous because I’m so tired. Either way, lots of tea, very little food.

My plan was to veg in my knitting room til 2 pm, but I got a call from a local reporter who wanted to meet me for a piece on cancer and my blog. So I splashed on some make-up and drove to the store to meet her (I’ll let you know when it airs), and then I went to radiation.

I turns out, they have cut out 1 session and I am set to finish NEXT TUESDAY!!!! But the even better part is that the fields we were doing are done, we are now aiming at a different area and the pieces of tape that have been stuck to me for THIRTY-FOUR days finally got to come off!!!



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  1. Nance


  2. Susan


  3. Debberoo

    You didn’t even wince! They build ’em tough up north!

  4. Debbie in the UK

    Yay!! Good news.

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