Nov 30

30 posts in 30 days

I did it.

It was a challenge. Some posts were really good. Some posts were just filler. It was important to me to set a goal and stick to it. I haven’t stuck to much of anything in the last 10.5 months. Of course, I have a good reason/excuse. Still. It was important to stick to it.

It did work out well for me that NaBloPoMo coincided with my radiation, because at least it gave me *something* to talk about. I kind of wish the 30 days of radiation had also included weekends, because it would mean the end of that too. But there are 12 more treatments.

Don’t worry! I’m not going to be blogging daily anymore. I’ve done my part, you’ve done yours. Let’s go back to intermittent blogging. I’ll try to stick to the good ones!

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  1. Nance

    I really need to blog again.

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