Nov 28

21/30 Happy Thanksgivikkah!

I am a proud Canadian, and it’s very rare that I wish I was American, especially now that we have Target here. If we could just get our iTunes in order, I’d be all set.

But today, I wish I was American, because how much fun would it be to celebrate Thanksgivikkah?!?!? Turkey, latkes, pumpkin kugel! Man, I could have gone wild with this! But it’s just another regular day, with radiation and kids after-school activities, so Thursday Night is Pasta Night will have to do.

Let me however, make a short list of things I’m thankful for, since many of you will be doing the same today:

  • I’m alive. let’s get that one right at the top of the list
  • Socialized Medicine. yes, it is far from perfect and I’ve had a few really annoying bumps in the road, but seriously, they have been OUTSTANDING, they are all super nice and caring, and so far, my cost as been parking and topless pictures.
  • My AMAZiNG friends. I don’t say it enough. I’m so so thankful for all my amazing friends. The ones here who are stuck with the real-life me, and the ones far who keep me going through the magic of pixels. Special extra smooches to the far-away friends who made the trip to be here: Mrs. Figby and family, Ellie, Jen & Kate.
  • My husband and kids. I have not been a lot of fun to live with. They have fetched me hundreds of cups of tea, found the ipad that I keep forgetting on another floor (damn stairs!), filled thousands of glasses of water with ice, the list goes on and on. J. has run more errands in the last 8 months than in the last 8 years combined. My 10 y.o. is officially in charge of applying the cream to my back and she loves it. My 8 y.o, who has never met a schedule she couldn’t remember, makes sure I juggle the dozens of appointments and don’t miss any. At some point, somehow, I will make this up to everyone.

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  1. Angela

    Happy Thanksgivikkah to you, Virginia. Please know that quite a few Americans will be thankful for you today.

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