Jul 26

Why I’m not at work

In an innocent conversation with someone the other day, the person asked me why I wasn’t working. I mean, I own the store, I can come and go as I please, in theory, I really could be at work as much or as little as I want, so why am I not working?

Many reasons. First of all, the risk of infection is high in retail: people are covered in germs, the store is in a high-traffic/tourist area, so I would have to be MEGA careful not to catch something. (Have you ever seen cancer patients at the grocery store with masks and gloves? How well do you think that would go over with the clients?)

Mainly though, it’s the unpredictability. The store has to open everyday and we need to have the right number of people there. If I say I’m going to work and I don’t, there has to be a scramble to cover me. Yesterday, I felt pretty good and I went to lunch with one person, to the knitting store with another AND I went grocery shopping afterwards. Today, I had high hopes. I was going to go for a long walk (that 60 km fundraiser is 1 month away). But the Taxol digestive-side-effects hit me like a ton of bricks at 6 am and now, I cannot get more than 20 feet away from the couch.

So that is why I am not at work. I am VERY LUCKY in that I don’t have to go. I cannot imagine being in a situation where I would lose my job if I didn’t go. I don’t know how those people get through it. Yes, I’m bored out of my skull sitting at home not working for only the second time since I am 14 years old (I left my job at IATA before starting the store, but I spent that year running an after-school program and job hunting, so I was WAY more productive that year). But the truth is, as bored as I am, as much as I miss work, I just can’t work AND fight cancer at the same time.