Nov 23

My Saturday, in pictures



Long story short: bulging disk. Regular old back pain.
But it was really painful since Tuesday and the radio-oncologist wanted to make sure it was nothing cancer-related. The fastest most efficient way to get a CT scan was to go through the ER, so I spent my Saturday reading and wincing. It’s all done, it’s just back pain and they even threw in a few pain killers as a parting gift!

(The second picture is ‘signs I watch too much television’: I noticed the broken drawer front and wondered if someone had channelled their inner Nurse Jackie and tired to bust it open. Although everyone knows the good stuff is in the top drawers)

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  1. Linda

    so glad it’s just a bulging disc! I mean it’s awful and horrible but good that it’s not more… whatever. you know what i’m trying to say. ((((hugs))))) hope you can relax at home tomorrow at least.

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