Nov 22

I’m going to miss Rusty

Rusty finished his rads yesterday. He tried to hug me, but he was not wearing pants at the time, so I mumbled something about white blood cells and just shook his hand instead. Which was not really a better idea, because he was holding his hospital gown and it slipped a little.

In other inappropriate thoughts of the day, the radiation machine has a big head called the Beam Collimator, which is 42 metals plates (what, I have lots of time to count!) that move to make the right shape beam. Mine changes 8 or 9 times, but I know it’s almost done when they line up in the shape of the Quebec Nordiques logo!

(not my actual collimator. Sadly I can’t take pics in there!)

Finally, REALLY inappropriate thoughts: I hurt my back, I don’t know how. But I did wonder for a bit if I was suddenly growing a tumour overnight. The Rads technicians laughed and told me it was unlikely. Also, we all agree that having my face on the poster likely means a happy ending, because otherwise, that would be a terrible PR story!

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  1. Nance

    Go Nordiques! I remember that logo. Can you hurt your ribs with radiation? I hope not. If it’s possible, keep an eye out for that.

    I agree that it would be a sucky PR story, so clearly, you’re kicking cancer’s ass!

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