Nov 21

Wonder if I taste like chicken

I sure FEEL like chicken!!!
Have you ever defrosted a chicken breast in the microwave a few seconds to long? It comes out still cold in some parts, hot in others, dried out on top and crispy around the edges. THAT is exactly how external beam radiation feels.

It’s cold outside these days, so I get chilly, but I am also getting hot flashes AND radiating heat from the field area, so I’m hot AND cold at the same time, and parts of my skin ¬†are red and a little crispy. So far I am very very lucky, it’s just a sunburn and not the full-on burn I was expecting. Yeah for that!

And just to show I haven’t totally lost my sense of humor, when I towel-dried my hair this morning, I got this faux-hawk going that would have made any Top Chef season 4 proud!