Nov 12

9/30 The Spatula in the Bathroom

I have a few serious posts sitting in my draft box. They are not quite right. I keep working and reworking them. One is titled Yes, I am a Selfish Bitch, and the other one is All Levels of Hard. I hope to get them right at some point, but until I do, I will tell you why there is a spatula on my bathroom counter.

Bar none, one of the best post-mastectomy tips I got was from this youtube video: When you shower with your drains, tie your drains to a ribbon or shoe lace that you wear around your neck. This frees your hands and keeps the drains from pulling. Even the home-care person who came to help me shower didn’t know this trick. She usually held the drains for the patient while they scrubbed themselves or had the patient hold the drains if she scrubbed them. She thought this was brilliant and so did I.

Last week, I was confronted with a radiation cream dilemma: how to put the cream on my own back every 4 hours when there is not someone here to help me. At first, I was just doing whatever I could reach and waiting for my kids to come home to put cream on my back. But after my blog post, my friend H. texted me this tip:

My grand-mother used to take a huge sheet of saran wrap, put giant blog of cream on center then slide back and forth on back, same way u would dry your back with a towel after a shower.


That is actually brilliant! And it could help someone, but it didn’t help me. My cream is SUPER thick, like diaper rash cream. But while I was in the kitchen putting back the Saran Wrap, I had my own idea and grabbed a spatula…. yep, it worked. Which is why there is now a spatula on my bathroom counter.

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  1. Anna in Turin

    Now you only need to find a way to market that in the shop! 😉

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