Nov 02

My Apologies to Katy Perry

I admit it. I never liked Katy Perry. My girls love her. I tried to keep her from infecting my house, but I’m not THAT good, and we saw the ‘documentary’ and we (they) own all the albums on iTunes.

Then the awesome people made that ROAR video I linked a few days ago and next thing you know, I have a theme song.

  • I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!

Seriously, it was made for cancer-fighting.

In general, I’m a visual person. I watch shows, I watch movies. I don’t listen to music. But I put out a call for power songs and you guys gifted me a wide array of music. THANK YOU! ¬†Seriously, it warms my heart, and when your song comes on, I think of you. I’ve actually been listening to my iPod nonstop for days.

I made a playlist called RadBuddies. And since I was stuck there for an hour and a half yesterday, I got to go through it more than once. The Hulk complimented me on my eclectic musical taste. I fessed up, I told him it was all you guys. I love how you ALL think I’ll blush at rap! people, I’m the Clusterfuck/CTFD girl! I can deal with rap! I’m just stuck in my folkrock/80s rock musical rut, but I’m no prude!!!!


if you would like to expand you own playlists, here are a couple that particularly connected with me right now:

The Generals by Mynabirds  and
The Fighter by Gym Class Hero

Reminder, I’m blogging every day of November for NaBloPoMo. Every day, even weekends. Sorry!

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  1. Ellie

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to gift you songs, but it only allows me to send albums and I don’t want to send crap. I’m about to gift you an iTunes card with my list if songs. I can’t keep up with technology.

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