Oct 30

Dude, Where’s My Car?

IMAG1650My cellphone is full of pictures like this. The location of my car. I have completely lost the ability to remember where I parked my car. I know it’s not an uncommon condition, but I never had this until I got chemo. Since then – NO CLUE where I parked, ever. Compounding the problem is that I go to the same places (hospital, diving practice, grocery store) and end up with a different spot every time. So when I’m convinced I left my car at the corner of X and Y, in front of the blue house, I am confused because that is where my left my car the day BEFORE!!! Chemo-brain, it doesn’t go away just because you stopped chemo.

At first, I was writing down the intersection in a note on my phone. But then I couldn’t remember if the note was from that day, or if I had erased/written over the previous note. Now, I just take pictures and I don’t erase them.

I thought I was going to foil this memory gap this morning when I was awarded a monthly parking pass to the hospital for radiation. Except it just occurred to me that I will never remember where INSIDE the lot I parked my car. So I guess I’ll start taking pictures of cement pillars with big letters on them. Luckily for you, I don’t intend to share them on Instagram.

(PS, if you missed yesterday’s post – you also missed a celebrity VIP commenting!)


  1. Nat

    You should get a few of those!


    For the car, the kids, the bottles of wine…

  2. R

    That is frigging genius.

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