Aug 20

I’m too funny and inapproprite to keep it in box

As Ive been going through cancer, there have been lots of Inapproriate Thoughts of the Day, of ITotD. So far, Facebook list have been great and we got to giggle til we pee a little. But sometimes I really wish I could share with more people.

so I would like to warn you that I will starting posting some here. the title will always be #ITofD so you have warned: either skip it because it might offend you, or read it, but keep all beverages at the safe distance.

And just in care you are curious, let me get one big one our of the way. if you an handle this one, you will be just fine. I have put on some weight. i am not stressing about it. But the weight has accumulated in a tire-section on top of my preexisting muffin top…. So last week when i tried on a bubble-type exercise top that is supposed to hold in your boobs, and drape loosely over you stomach problem area, I said this to the clerk at Lululemon: I look like the pregnant man from internet fame. Or like a pregnant butch lesbian. (and now I lost half my audiance)

the clerk at Lulu laughed so hard I’m 90% sure she peed a little and changed her pants. i did not buy to top. and for the 12 weeks to come, i fill that people who will see me sans-wig with ask themselves…. Cancer or Lesbian.