Oct 25

Conquering One Fear

Remember when I said I would OUTRUN the cloud? As in actual running? Then things got worse and worse and I could walk long distances but I could not get my heart-rate up at all. So there has be no running. None. Zero. I honestly do not remember the last time I plugged in the treadmill. I just had to look for the magnet-string-thingy for 5 minutes.

But look what I did.

One year ago, I would have been embarassed to post a picture of a 30 min/2 mile run. That’s just really fast walking. But today, it was an honest to goodness run. I tried to keep to a 13min/mile pace but it was too much, I had to interval a bit. Yet running without feeling any of my toes and most of my left foot, without tripping or stopping… YEAH ME!

It’s a bit dumb to get back on right before rads. I’m guessing it’s going to hurt a lot to run when the burn starts. But right now, today, it felt good. and thank you Monique for the encouragement to get back to it the other night!


  1. RageMichelle


    I run at a fast walk pace, but I’ve made my peace with it. :)

  2. Amber

    I am glad you did point out the photo gallery, because I had totally missed it before. Those are some gorgeous pics, V. Seriously.

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