Aug 21

Getting Pink-a-licious around here

I don’t do pink. I only own one pink dress, a souvenir from a trip to Rome. I certainly DONT’T do pink products that claim to support breast cancer. Because buying a pink snow brush does nothing to help breast cancer.

But I do fundraise directly for the hospital. Over 7000$ so far this year, bringing my 5 year total to over 21,000$. I’m proud of that. I know where that money is going.

The thing is, the pink spirit gets to you. Not the products, but the color. I’ve bought a pink wig, and a pink shirt, and I got my entire team pink knee socks and leis. They are humoring me and going with it, because the pink spirit is flowing in the last few days before The Walk.

I need the spirit this year to engulf me. I need it to carry me through the walking, and the talking! Because I’ve been asked to address ALL the people at the Saturday night gathering. Me! I literally have become the poster-girl for breast cancer…. ha! So I’ll be there, in my home-made pink tutu, hoping to get the words out, hoping the carry the message about being an ass-kicker.

In the mean time, I’m still looking for more help! Please help me raise more, because if you were going to buy a 20$ pink snow brush in December, trust me, that 20$ is going to go A LOT further is you donate it through here! I need your help to engulf me in ┬ápink spirit, so I can get through these 60 km, but mostly, so I can get to the next 3 months.