Oct 18

Let me throw a party for you

It’s Friday. And on Fridays I’m going to throw you a link to my craft blog. Because I know this is not for everyone, I won’t usually have an intro, just a picture that is a link. Today though, I will walk you through it!

See that? I made that, for a little party at A.’s house. Which lead me to think I should be doing this for other people. I’m good at this. I throw nice parties, for kids and for adults. Or I can just come to your house and set your table all nice with everything you own already and a few simple crafty touches. A couple of bucks and you will impress all your guests!

So Montreal-area peeps, pass the word. I’m in the party-decor business. If you don’t live near me but have an idea that needs to be crafted and can be mailed, I’m your gal too!