Aug 26

Remembering the most amazing weekend ever

The last 2 days were unbelievable. Unless you are one of the 3 people who are not friends with me on FB or you are a person from the future who is reading blogs from the yesteryears on whatever technology you have, you already know most of what I’m about to say, but I need to write it down. It was my 5th time to walk The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. Each year is different. The first year will always be special because it cemented A. and I forever, of course the year I lost half my face was quite special, and the year I did it completely alone. But this year, I don’t even know where to start.

From the Tata to my Tatas party back in the winter, our team came together and this weekend, the bonds made with ALL the team members were cemented forever. The companionship we gave each other over the 60 kms was what got us through. But believe it or not, we had a BLAST. Honestly, as hard and as spiritual as it was, almost all of the moments I want to remember forever are just plain old fun:

  • the circle of cancerness
  • breaking into song with R. at a pit stop
  • J. forgetting to lock to port-o-potty and being walked in on
  • M. telling me, several times, that is was NOT all about me!
  • many many many religious encounters, including Shabbas walk with the Schtreiml crowd, then Tibetan monks, then being blessed by an actual Jesus-freak speaking in tongues
  • Mr. I-have-an-Absess asking if we could make room for him – dude, I have cancer, don’t throw down with me
  • the oh-so-hot motorcycle boys and our new collection of selfies
  • the number of times people asked me if I saw that someone barfed on the street (I did not, but I sure heard about it!)
  • the fact that everyone decided to call me in the space of 10 minutes, thus ensuring I became VERY irate and drove M crazy (extra crazy! I was already getting on her last nerve!)
  • the girls coming to the conclusion that I talk a lot. Duh. that’s not news.
  • saying ASS on the CBC and giving a speech in a pink tutu
  • R. texting while her feet were soaking in the foot bath and we were trying to walk the last 5 ks…. I may have called her the B-word in that moment. I meant it with love!
  • having my own stalker, including GPS positioning, which turned out to be great when I thought I lost my phone and almost died
  • drinking champagne with a straw while getting a massage in my own backyard
  • never getting to Banana-exhaustion level, making this the first year I did not eat a banana

It honestly was a blast. We laughed, some cried (I don’t think I did), we peed A LOT. I have to end with a big shout-out to A., my partner in crime for all 5 years. While she didn’t walk last year, she still came out to see me and it totally counts. She claims that I didn’t like her the first time I met her. It happened to be a hoity-toity social situation and I was probably frozen in social-anxiety. But I have loved her all along, and I’m very sorry that I sucked her into doing this for the rest of our lives or until they find a cure. EACH one of my team members is very special and very important (we even recruited S., who walked without signing up but is joining us next year). The truth is, if A. didn’t do it, it doesn’t matter how many other people joined, it just wouldn’t be the same. I was all concerned about taking a shower and putting on make up before my speech and she just looked at me and told me ‘you look like a cancer-patient that walked for 30 kms. use it’. She was right. She is always right. And that is why she is the boss of me.