Oct 17


Alternative Title: How to give a Cancer Patient a 2-day Panic Attack

Tuesday, 3:58 phone call from hospital

Radio-Onco Appointment Giver: Hi, I need to give you an appointment for a CT scan Thursday

ME: Oh, there must be a mix-up, I had it last week. I’m supposed to have markings next.

ROAG: No no, it says here a CT scan, at 10, on Thursday

ME: That is really weird. it’s the same time as last week. and I already had it. Are you SURE???

ROAG: Let me check (puts me on hold, comes back 3 min later)

ROAG: You need a second one, this Thursday at 10 am. And maybe the Dr. will see you after.

ME: Why? Why do I need a second one? Is there something wrong?

ROAG: I really don’t have any information, I just have to call you and give you the appointment.


Of course, it’s now 4 pm and no one answers their phones after 4 pm. I emailed nurse G. but didn’t hear back til the next day. Very likely, most possibly, something technical, needing more/better imaging…. She did say if *she* was making a call like that, the first thing she would say is PLEASE DONT WORRY, it’s a technical issue.

Now it’s Thursday morning, I made it somehow, though I did not put on pants yesterday, let alone eyebrows. But I’m putting on my Wonder Woman underpants and I’m going to SLAY that second scan. They might have to resuscitate me I’m going to hold so still.


  1. Debberoo

    Thinking of you. I’m so sorry the stress just never lets up for you. Sending love and all good thoughts for a clear (in every way) scan. x

  2. Nance

    Oh Good LORD! I don’t blame you for not putting pants on! Good luck with the scan today. I hope all goes well.

  3. Nat

    It might be a totally inappropriate comment, but this so reminds me of when they called for a scan before my hysterectomy a few years ago, and when I asked why, the person bluntly said it was to “check for metastasis” and I didn’t even have cancer!!! Lots of worry for nothing. The person calling for the appointment never knows anything! Insist on speaking with a doctor. And you’re right, stay still!

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