Aug 29

“Are you F*%*%**%G kidding me?”

That is what M. said to me when she found me lying in bed #19 of the ER yesterday, about 4 hours after I drove myself there….

I had the day all planned out, I was going to start pilates. My kid forgot her water bottle on her first day of school, so I thought I’d drop it off to her, run a couple of errands and go to pilates.

Except I had a very sharp pain in my back, I figured it was kidney pain and maybe I was a little dehydrated. So I drank lots of water and drove to her school. I dropped off the water bottle. I barely made it back to the car. Then I hurled all over the grass. Nice.

So I drove myself to the ER (after sending one small-group FB message so someone would know where I was!) and the triage nurse took it very seriously. I mean, I *DO* have cancer and am in chemo, so I guess when you say the pain is about a 7 or 8, they don’t kid around….

It was a very long day, with zero cell/internet reception and no way to contact the outside world. I did mostly a lot of waiting, including about an hour outside the Emergency Psychiatry department which was VERY entertaining. In the end, after the much-awaited CT scan, they confirmed a 3 mm kidney stone. I went home with some fun pills and a little filter to try to catch the sucker (I’m really not sure why).

So let’s recap: so far, cancer has given me every kind of digestive issue, a broken rib and now a kidney stone. Thanks a lot cancer, but I think I’m good, can we stop now?