Sep 05

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

OK, seriously, can we talk about the hot flashes????

turns out nurse G was meant to discuss this with me at some point. But I have a weird situation where I had the insides of my uterus burned with a balloon (I know, TMI) so when they ask about my last cycle, I have no answer. Which means nurse G never discussed the instant-onset-menopause with me.


One second, everything is normal. The next second, I am drenched in sweat, my head is wet like I just ran 10 kms (which I have never done, I’m extrapolating from the 5 kms) and my clothes are soaked right through….. At first, I kept thinking I had some horrible infection and was feverish. But wait 20 min and it’s completely gone. In a flash. A hot-flash.

Really, Cancer? Really? all the other indignities like the scars, broken rib, haemorrhoids (oh yeah, there, I said it!), weren’t enough? Hot Flashes too? I guess I can console myself in the fact that I never did get the mouth sores….