Sep 12

Fun Chemo Facts – 2nd edition

4 months ago, I posted a list called Fun Chemo Facts, but I’ve learned so much more since then, I thought I’d share with you. most of it involves bodily fluids, so you have been warned.

  • the sandwiches never change: it’s always egg salad. Bring a sandwich
  • lukewarm spinach soup is possibly the cruelest thing you can serve someone who is hooked up to a pole and can’t fect her own lunch
  • Taxol gives you ‘the runs’. plan your day-after-chemo accordingly
  • you don’t only loose the hair on your hair, you loose all of your hair. so this was the summer of no-shaving. Cancer: free brazilian included.
  • This also means hair you don’t think about, like the ones INSIDE YOUR NOSE!!!! at first, I was just a sniffly-drippy person, but right now, I have a mega cold. and all of a sudden, buckets of liquids that are in my sinuses suddenly find themselves on my upper lip. or my lap. it’s super attractive.
  • Once your WBC count goes down, you have to implement the no hugging/no kissing/no handshaking policy. This policy was implemented as of yesterday. I probably should wear a sign.
  • the law of murphy states that if you marked down on your calendar when chemo ends, you will suddenly have very low WBC and might have to delay your last treatments….