Feb 06

Vacation, Redux

When J went on the transplant list almost 3 years ago, he got a beeper and a virtual leash: we could not be anymore than 2 hours from the hospital at all times. That meant no vacations. We took a little trip to Trois-Riviere, but we couldn’t really go anywhere else, not even just across the border, because the 1 hour drive was OK, but the border crossing was too big of a risk.

During those 2 years, we told the kids once J had his new lungs, we would go on a BIG vacation. We ended up picking a skiing vacation in Colorado because I am not such a sun/sand person and they are both now excellent skiers/snowboarders.

Then the airlines conspired against us. For a whole month, they keept calling once a week to make changes to our itinerary, making a 6 hour journey into a 13 hour one. For 13 hours, I would rather go to Europe!

And then SQ switched schools and got a different Spring Break week off. So we had to scrap that vacation entirely. I came up with a good plan B: Harry Potter at Universal, but as a surprise, telling the girls only that we were Florida-bound, but not where.

And then, I got cancer and the surgery dates were going to conflict. So we scrapped the vacation again. And now instead of our 10-day ski-cation, we are squeezing 4 days at Universal between tomorrow and Monday. It’s no longer a surprise, as I really needed to pick up the mood around here after the big C announcement.

I know we will have fun. I know that most people don’t get to enjoy such trips and that we are SUPER fortunate to be able to do this. I also know that I am bummed and they are too. That this is not the BIG vacation we were meant to take. That when they look around at their peers (not the world in general, just the people they see in daily life), this vacation is a bit of a let-down.

I wanna say: Big Ski-cation next year! I just can’t…. the let-down is always the hardest part.