Feb 18

the things that worry me

in no particular order:

  • the wound. The scars don’t scare me at all, but the wound, the bandages, all that gory stuff – yuck.
  • the drains – see above re yucky stuff
  • possibly not being able to knit at first due to either pain or the drains
  • having short hair – this one is weird, I am not really worried about LOSING my hair, but the re-growing process scares me. I don’t look good in short hair, and once it starts to grow, you are not supposed to wear a wig on top of it.
  • all the appointments – it’s stupid, but I am a planner and not knowing now if/when/how long etc. I can’t plan anything past march 14th and it’s very worrisome to me
  • changing implants every 10 years. I know, it’s stupid, but I figure at 42, this means at least 2, possibly 3 more surgeries.