Feb 22

Channeling the angry energy

Some people have been worried about my ‘negativity’ or my anger. Please don’t worry. This is how I cope. I get mad and then I do something with it. So the auction went from tiny little idea to actual real thing in less than a day. We are getting a book from THE BLOGGESS! SQUEE! People are knitting/crocheting, I have jewelry being made, someone is donating a leather dog bed and a leather jacker, my amazing trainer will be donating boot camp sessions, another friend is putting up her excellent cooking skills, the ladies from my favorite knitting store will be donating something. An amazing person reached out to me after hearing about the story from an old blogging friend. Out reach will be both local AND far-reaching via this wonderful thing that is the internet.

So today I used the energy and I knit. I am working on the Citron scarf in fancy-schmancy yarn. It’s going fast, which is great because I intend to make more things. Together with everyone’s help, we are going to raise TONS of cash for the JHG!