Mar 08

oh sure, make me cry why don’t you

I admit, the last 48 hours have kicked my ass. I started out so strong, and ended up couch-surfing. It’s not pretty.

But then, I got an email this morning from a long-time bloggy friend E who send me A LIST of things she will be sending to the auction. A LIST! Several items! And not only that, but she turned to her crafty friends and THEY are sending things in! I am touched and honored and it brought a tear to my eye. (I am not giving the details, I want to keep some surprises)

That was at 10 this morning. Now it’s noon and I just read a tweet from one of my favorite suppliers at work that included this link:


Now i am crying big fat tears. Of joy and happiness, of course.

So thank you! Thank you for keeping me going.