Mar 15

Why would I lie about a deflating matress?

Came out of surgery fine. Sore and in pain but fine. Spent quite a few hours in recovery room because my regular baseline blood pressure is low, combined with anesthetic and pain-meds and it was very low. But eventually I made it back to my room, where I enjoyed a great visit with My Girls: S1, A, M (who spent the entire day with J! Bless her!) R and then S2 and I. Came by too, along with Dr. P. I was the most popular person in this hospital.

But once everyone left, all heck broke loose, though first, I had pudding. The my iv leaked in my hand, turning it into a monster-paw and requiring a new line be put in – tough since they can only use my right arm but can’t pull it away from my body.

There is an ICU internal phone on the wall right outside my room. It rings about every 11 minutes, in a tinny 1962 ring. All night. So that was fun.

But the best was the high-tech massaging air mattress that started deflating around 1 am. I buzzed, they came, they told me they didn’t know how to fix it and to go back to sleep. Told them a) I wasn’t sleeping re ringing phone b) how can you not know how to fix it? Orderly pressed some buttons, reinstated and left. 20 later, my ass is on metal, no air. Buzz again, repeat of previous visit. This happened 4 times. Finally the head nurse came and told me I was probably hallucinating from pain meds and there was nothing wrong with my bed.
What. The. Fuck?
Burst out crying and begged orderly to bring me to bathroom. At 2 am. While I was on the potty (hello squats! I can get up with no arms!) I begged the nurse to check the bed. And well, duh, bed is in fact broken.
She didn’t apologize, but she did get me a new bed, without an air mattress