Mar 16

things are looking up

I slept in the recliner in the den. it wasn’t quite as good as the fancy hospital bed, but it didn’t spring a leak in the middle of the night!

I got a decent night of sleep, not fabulous, but much better than I had expected. The few women who had talked to me about their surgery had told me the pain was not that bad and that they recovered fairly well, all things considered. I was dubious. But I have to admit, there is a lot of DISCOMFORT, but the pain in manageable. The drains are starting to be annoying and itchy. I was expecting that. And there is an overall feeling of yuck: tired, sore and uncomfortable all rolled into one. But I am really feeling OK. 

My friend S lend me a fancy automatic espresso machine. The girls made coffee for my dad and his gfriend the last 2 days so they are regular little baristas by now. They brought me a lovely frothy beverage AND a bagel, toasted to perfection and dripping with way too much butter… again, perfection! it’s an extreme parenting method, but if you need your oil & vinegar kids to get along, major surgery is the way to go. I bet you it lasts until Sunday afternoon…..