Mar 20

24 hours and one home-care assistant later

So we called in the professionals. My husband called a couple of places and we found one that could send someone this morning at 8 am. A home-care specialist, not quite a nurse, but knew exactely what to do with the drains and the gauze and the polysporin, even had her own little trick to make it stop pulling on the side that is driving me crazy. She let me stand in the hot hot hot shower until my skin was all pink, then she forced me to sit and turn down the temperature and scrubbed an entire layer of skin off. It felt so good.

She said my hair was tricky. She’s never had a client with such long, thick hair. I took that as a major compliment. Once the drains were repinned and I was dressed in a passable outifit (leggings, black tee, big sweater with pockets for phone and pills) she tried to do my bangs. Bless her heart, it sort of looks like SQ tried to do them, but I am NOT COMPLAINING, it’s so so much better than not trying! She told me she was much better at ‘old-lady hair’. ha!

Their policy is a 4 hour minimum. She can help with anything else in the house. But by the time she was done with me, my regular housekeeper was here to do all that, so instead, i had her sit with me and go over all the none-sense for my daughter’s bday party later today, to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. THAT made me feel normal just as much as the shower. Then we went outside for a walk in the snow. I took as many deep, fresh-air breaths as humanly possible before she made me go back and rest so I can in fact attend said bday party later today.

I still can’t look, but I have come a long way in 24 hours.